Will the Real Brian Grattan please stand up?

First of all, let me begin by stating that my name is Brian Grattan. This is the name I was given at birth, and will be sticking with.

Now, Grattan is not a terribly common name. I have never actually met a Grattan who is not related to me. However, the world is a big place and the name Grattan has been around for a long, long time. As you can imagine, there are other Grattans out there who are very distantly related to me, and maybe not at all. As a matter of fact there are other Brian Grattans out there who I have not met.

Obviously, those Brian Grattans are no less "real Brian Grattans" than me, and I would like to offer them the opportunity to e-mail me with a link to their personal web-page, so that I can post it here.

One particular Brian Grattan, who may get confused with me, is the author Brian Hunter Grattan (who sometimes refers to himself as "the golden boy"--ref.). He has authored several books on channelling energies. His daughter has contacted me and requested that I clarify that I am not the writer of those books. I am not the author, nor do I agree with their premise.

If you would like a book on this topic that is recommended by me, check out:
A Trip Into The Supernatural by Roger J. Morneau.

Now, you can go home, or find out how I got briangrattan.com.